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Thanks for visiting our new website and your support in The Brandon Marshall Foundation. We’re so excited to launch this site and have the ability to raise awareness about mental health and bring the topic to a worldwide discussion. We appreciate it more than words can express. Check back soon for more updates!


140 characters wasn’t enough to express this experience so far at Harvard business school. The magnitude of what I’m embarking on didn’t hit till I was actually in our first class.  After we made it through our first case study and I was able to take a deep breath, the first thought that came to mind […]

True Story

TRUE STORY By: Michi Marshall Sept 1, 2014 The other day my teacher asked a question during class, “Does anybody know what happened last Thursday at the Merchandise Mart? Has anybody heard anything?” Almost in unison the class of intrigued students replied, “No, why what happened?” My teacher began to explain a scene that seemed […]