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Thanks for visiting our new website and your support in The Brandon Marshall Foundation. We’re so excited to launch this site and have the ability to raise awareness about mental health and bring the topic to a worldwide discussion. We appreciate it more than words can express. Check back soon for more updates!

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  • brandt powden

    I pray the Lord blesses you and your foundation. This is a great foundation and you are so right about what you do being your platform. It is so awesome to see someone in your position realize that its not about self but what the Lord has blessed you with and giving back to help and reach others. Im not financially sound but if I can do anything to help you spread the awareness and mission of your foundation I am more than willing. Go Bears and GO BRANDON MARSHALL FOUNDATION!! God Bless you, your family, and foundation!

  • Matt Reed

    Ill start by expressing my admiration for the work you do beyond your football career. I am a 29 year old man and probably your biggest fan here on the west coast. I live in Vancouver,WA. Many years I too have struggled with personality disorders from aniexty, to depression etc. I have overcome most of those issues by staying healthy n working on helping others and being aware of these disorders. I wanted to let you know that your doing an amazing job and people like us appreciate all the help and focus you are putting towards educating others. I am a Chicago Bear… at least I feel apart of when I watch you guys play. I will be attending your Seahawks preseason game because that’s the only time I can see u live and my hope is to watch you dominate. Thank you for all your hard work on an off the field it is great watching my favorite player take things to a higher level that really hits home. Have an amazing off season and good luck with the foundation, I believe it will be a great success. Take care and God bless.

    P.S. I’ll be the Bears fan wearing your Jersey In Seattle on August 22nd. Good luck!

    Matt Reed

  • Michael Easterling

    Brandon – I thank you SO MUCH for that SUPER-GENEROUS DONATION. I’m extremely sick, and have been for years, with Major Depressive Disorder, OCD, PTSD, ADHD, and extreme anxiety. My wife of 14 yrs had (another) affair, this time left me, and then made up an elaborate story – told her atty, the Judge, everybody (HUGE lie – and I have polygraph papers to prove it) that “I tried to kill her by wiring the house to “explode” when she got home.” SO RIDICULOUS – I couldn’t even get out of bed at the time. She filed divorce, and my lawyer stole almost $12K from me – then didn’t show up for court. The State Bar will do nothing about it! Wife got (literally) EVERY SINGLE THING. I have NOTHING now, have to live w/elderly mother. I’m suicidal often-times, now. Stopped even bathing, to be honest.
    If I could just afford an atty to fight it, but I can’t. I’m not talking $50,000 – only $6-$7,000, just so they’ll take my case. You have NO IDEA how appreciative I would be if you could possibly help me – in ANY way. I feel so low even having to ask someone (esp. Someone like you) for money – It’s HUMILIATING. I can easily prove ANY part of what I just talked about – (both the Mental probs AND legal problems). If you wish NOT to help, I don’t feel ANY LESS about you, though, and STILL thank you SO VERY MUCH for that huge contribution. YOU are a ROLE MODEL, & a GREAT person.
    Thank you – more than you know.

  • Troels Soendergaard

    Great site! Really like the feel, look and STYLE (which is eternal, right?) “Just watched the A Platform for Purpose” @Chicago Idea Week. Moving from Bangkok to Chicago in a month and although I am a Pack fan I would love to get involved as I really love the mission of your organization! Reach out if you need any help or add more awesomeness to your team!

    All the best,


  • Talisha B.

    I must sadly share that today was my first time hearing about you. I have got to do better!! When it comes to football I am… Well, lets just say – because of my husband I am more a basketball junky than anything, and a gymnastics lover because of my son. Football – all I hear is Cowboys (I SO HATE THEM)but I live in Texas so what can I do, however, I do have a New Orleans Saints bias. I love First Take and I got a chance to here of you, your platform, and your purpose. One thing that stood out to me, other than your pointing out Stephen A’s Divaness, was your growth in your marriage, and you pointed out – especially being young help, and mentoring is always needed. I totally concur. My husband and I got married two months after we meet at an Air Force Base in New Mexico (both of us are Veterans). We had a super hard road to go. Now 15 years and 4 kids later, our life is far from what it was and we both are looking forward to the years to come. I would say the one thing and the one person who helped us (I laughingly say, my husband, the most was our father Dr. Mikel Brown. – If I were to call him just a mentor I would feel like I am so disrespecting him. The one thing that helped us at about 10 years in was his book (and by no means am I trying to sell anything – it get no benefit form this except to see or hear of someone’s life and married getting better)”How to Fix your Marriage Without Using a Hammer”…. It’s not just for marriages that are going through but for us it is a great book that keeps us growing and challenged us to see our personal faults. One long ride to Dallas TX, he and I were on our way to pick up our kids from my parents house following their summer break. With no where to run we had to face our selves. We have never been the same – personally or marital.
    Funny thing is, and it may or may not be a coincidence – Dr. Brown is from Chicago. Grew up in Cabrini Greens(spell check LOL). He is now a great Pastor, Father, Spiritual Father, mentor, Author, and so much more.
    So as you and your wife continue your journey together, remember that maintenance is always needed and being in the right company, hearing the right words, and seeing and being the right example is a great help. I pray Gods best to you and your wife in all you do. And may your purpose soon out shine your platform. You are doing a great work; one to be applauded. I believe the greatest giver in any organization should be the one who holds the vision.

  • Ron Simms

    Hey Brandon,
    I’ve been a Bears fan since I was a kid. Of all the great players and personalities that have come along over the years you are the first that I have ever tried to connect/contact with. I am a police officer in Canada, and I suffer with PTSD. For the past few years, my professional life and family life have been in shambles. My marriage was on the verge of collapse and I was ready to end my career (or worse) regardless of the outcome.Your story of how you are dealing with and overcoming mental illness is inspirational. I read about your signing your new contract the other day and was elated. I think you are one of the best players to ever don a bears jersey. Then I read about your million dollar pledge to mental health and was over the moon. I believe you to be one of the most selfless people around. I hope one day soon to actually travel to Chicago and see you guys play. Believe you me, I’ll be cheering loudest every time you touch the ball. I am proud of how you have overcome your mental health issues and I believe, sorry, I know that you are a huge inspiration to others. I have gotten myself into therapy and am happy to say my life is getting back on track. Please keep up the fight. Mental illness has to come out of the shadows. With people like yourself leading the way, I know great things can and will be accomplished.

    Thanks for all you are doing,
    Ron Simms

  • E.Bonin

    I just would like to reaffirm how much admiration and respect that I have for you. I just finished watching your interview after your 3 year extension. As a long time bears fan I want to say you may be my favorite bear of all time. Not just because of your success on the field; however your personal transformation and for your representation for personality disorders. You rock! Continue your growth as a man; it changes more people then you will ever know. You inspire me to be the best MAN I can be. I want to say thank you for everything you and everyone you mentioned in your interview do because no matter how small our daily actions make the changes that make life worth living.I hope nothing but the best for you, God Bless you Mr. Marshall

  • Jerry Mallard

    Thanks Brandon M. for being open about mental health issues. It’s great that you have helped so many other by being open about personality disorder. I may have BPD myself. It’s caused me to evaluate my own life and make changes. Thanks for you help and openness. I hope you continue to have success in all that you do. You are a great man.

  • Kathy Sias

    Dear Mr. Marshal and associates,

    I saw you and your wife on The View. I wanted to contact you in the event the foundation is interested in reducing Intimate Partner Violence. Currently, 90% of states are using a model that research has established is ineffective yet well over 100,000 men and some women go through 3-12 months of treatment based on it. Research has connected the relationship with IPV behaviors and mental health disorders, alcohol usage, adverse childhood experiences (also connected to mental health disorders), and intense transitory stressors. These can be treated and result in decreased or elimination of family violence. However, this knowledge has not been promoted or used in treatment. Additionally, research has demonstrated a strong relationship with borderline personality disorder and IPV behaviors. If this becomes an area of interest for you, please feel free to contact me. Warm regards, Kathy

  • Ted Shokes

    I was soooo happy when the Bears signed you! I knew you would be a great influence on the club, a leader and be an excellent wide receiver. All my dreams answered for I am a Bears fan these past 44 years (I’m 64 now). Then when it was revealed that you had a personality disorder, I was stunned. About 3 years ago I attempted to commit suicide with the family pistol. I’ve have emotional issues for much of my life but was never correctly diagnosed. I flew “under the radar” so to speak. And learned I was Bipolar 1; a rather severe mental illness. Anyway, I digress. You are my hero. Please never stop talking about mental illness, all types. I guess you could say; we’re all in this together. Now, about that Super Bowl…:)

  • Dave Esposito

    I first want to say im a huge fan. What you do is amazing both on the field and off. It’s great to see players like yourself giving back. I worked at halas hall 2 days ago on monday…i was installing some laundry equipment. I saw you for a brief 5 seconds or so when you came in the room. Not sure if you were asking someone for a towel or what but me and the delivery guys were like star struck…we were all like omg that was brandon marshall!! It was just so cool. Wish you and the team a great season.